My candidacy as Rapporteur for the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Second Committee
1. Juli 2021

Download my flyer: KUGLER Candidate Rapporteur Second General Committee

Dear Colleagues,

I write to you to request your support for my candidacy for the position of Rapporteur for the Second General Committee of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.

We are facing times of unprecedented change, especially in the areas of economics, science, technology and environment. How do we respond to the social and economic repercussions of the pandemic? Shaping a post-COVID-19 world—with the twin challenges of alleviating damage caused by the pandemic while at the same time implementing sustainable environmental solutions—demands a strong, multilateral parliamentary contribution. This is one of the primary tasks of the OSCE PA’s Second General Committee.

Furthermore, we must strengthen our response to other current challenges: How can we combat corruption and money laundering, which have in part been fueled by the pandemic? How can we manage demographic challenges—equitably and strategically? How do we handle advanced technologies, which offer so many opportunities—including environmental and social improvements—but also pose threats to our society? How do we best respond to the climate crisis? The disappearance of the Aral Sea and the numerous threats to the Arctic are urgent reminders that our responses may not be delayed a moment longer.

A further issue of pressing concern is how to step up our efforts against human trafficking in line with an effective, humane and sustainable migration management. I look forward to visiting the Bosnian asylum shelters together with the OSCE Special Representative and Coordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, Val Richey, in mid-July, in my capacity as Vice Chair of the Ad Hoc Committee on Migration.

As Rapporteur for the Second General Committee, I will listen to your concerns, integrate the voices of all 57 participating states, and work towards sustainable solutions for cross-border and regional challenges.

Together we must strengthen the OSCE PA as a platform through which we can effectively share best practices and develop common approaches.

Commitment to mutual support, concrete cooperation, and solidarity between the participating states and across the entire OSCE region have always been a driving force behind my political engagement.

I ask for your support for my candidacy as Rapporteur for the Second Committee during the elections taking place on July 5 – 6, 2021.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Gudrun Kugler

Download my flyer: KUGLER Candidate Rapporteur Second General Committee

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